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Did a statue of a sumo wrestler’s butt spoil equestrian on the Olympics?


The Tokyo Olympics have been comparatively incident free to this point. That was till equestrian, the place the horses appeared unsettled and nervous all day. Annika Schleu, who appeared destined for a medal, had her afternoon ruined when her horse refused to leap.

Within the wake of the incident individuals have been on the lookout for solutions. Did Schleu do one thing? Have been the horses used on the video games less than snuff? Searching for solutions a perpetrator was discovered: A giant previous butt.

Equestrian - Olympics: Day 11

Photograph by Julian Finney/Getty Pictures

One of many options of the Olympic equestrian course was an especially lifelike statue of a sumo, which was curiously positioned subsequent to one of many jumps within the area. There was hypothesis that the bulbous, reasonable derrière offered a distraction for horses making an attempt to deal with the occasion. It was supposed to be considered one of a number of conventional decorations on the course, together with statues of geisha and taiko drums — however the sumo was completely different. British rider Harry Charles defined to the Related Press why he thought the butt was an issue.

“As you come round, you see a giant man’s (butt),” […] I did discover 4 or 5 horses actually taking a spook to that.”

Realizing that the sumo was proving to be a distraction, organizers eliminated the sumo statue so competitors would resume uninterrupted — however by then the injury was performed. The query is: May horses actually be scared by a butt so badly they’d refuse to take heed to instructions?

A 2013 article by Horse Nation explored what causes a horse to spook, and it comes right down to their pure instincts as a prey animal.

“To outlive within the wild, a horse should continuously be on the alert for predators. They’re scanning with their eyes (and keep in mind they will see virtually 360 levels round their physique), listening to every thing occurring, and taking in all of the scents wafting by.”

So think about you’re a horse for a second. You’re already being put in a international surroundings and being ridden beneath strain, now you’re dealing with an enormous soar and also you’re met by a large ass. You don’t know if that’s a statue, or some wild animal you’ve by no means even seen earlier than, about to devour you. You’re not going to leap and put your self in a susceptible place like that, you’re going to take off and be anyplace however that space.

It’s just like the previous horse music goes:

These horses don’t like massive butts and they won’t fly
You different equines can’t deny.
When a sumo walks in with a loincloth waist
and places that thicc factor in your face you get flung.


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