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Suicide Squad’s King Shark: His powers, origin, and intercourse attraction, defined


James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad options one grinning DC Comics villain whose presence dominates the corporate’s diversifications in each medium of leisure: motion pictures, video video games, stay motion, and animated tv. He’s in the Arrowverse, he’s in the Harley Quinn cartoon, he’s going to be in Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad recreation.

It’s not the Joker: It’s King freakin’ Shark.

The DC Universe simply… has a shark man in it? Is that allowed? And why is he in so many DC Comics diversifications? How did he get tied in to all of those disparate tasks of wildly totally different continuities, tones, and lead characters?

As soon as you already know the key of King Shark, his attraction turns into apparent. One, he’s a shark. And two, that’s the solely factor you actually need to find out about him. Actually.

King Shark is a shark man who wants no introduction

King Shark reads the Persian poet Rumi in Suicide Squad.

The New 52 reboot turned him right into a hammerhead however come on everyone knows he’s higher as an incredible white.
Picture: DC Comics

It’s a reality universally acknowledged that each comedian e book villain has an origin story. Possibly it’s stuffed with pathos, like how Killer Croc has a weak point for the underdog as a result of was mistreated primarily based on his look, or how Man-Bat is all the time searching for a remedy for his tragic situation. Possibly he’s a bizarre however unusually enduring main Flash villain like Gorilla Grodd, who comes from a secret African metropolis of sentient gorillas known as Gorilla Metropolis. However what you might want to perceive is that this: In a style infamous for convoluted continuity, gritty reboots and many years of historical past…

There isn’t a rationalization for King Shark.

King Shark is only a huge, dumb, hungry shark man.

He’s simply a goddamn Road Shark who exists within the DC Universe with none agency reasoning behind it. When given his first full look in 1994’s Superboy #9, Karl Kesel and Humberto Ramos did set him up with a imprecise origin story about possibly being the kid of the King of All Sharks and a human lady, just about which no comedian has ever cared to say once more.

King Shark himself doesn’t care about why he’s what he’s, as a result of what he’s is a shark. That’s a stage of self-confidence that we must always all be so fortunate to achieve.

Embrace the ineffable mysteries of life, and likewise, this shark man

It’s that blend of an inexplicable idea with nothing to again it up that has stored King Shark in DC continuity whereas different one-off characters are forgotten. King Shark wasn’t unnoticed of the New 52 reboot: He debuted in its first month as a member of the Suicide Squad. Although, in the event you’re a comics reader with a passion for the man, it’s in all probability since you learn Gail Simone’s Secret Six, by which a transparent persona shines via in his handful of appearances.

King Shark can regenerate complete limbs however doesn’t prefer it in the event you name his little rising rooster wing of a brand new appendage “dainty.” King Shark thinks all meat is scrumptious and he likes to battle and kill issues fabricated from meat and eat them. King Shark desires everybody to know that he’s a shark and he loves being a shark. In a single story arc, it’s established that the simplest torment Hell may cook dinner up for him can be to entice him in a vegetarian restaurant for all eternity.

King Shark is a pure distillation of the enjoyment of superheroes

King Shark slides down a hill and runs towards a building while singing “Iiiiiiii’m a shark, I’m a shark, I’m a shark, I’m a shark! I’m a sharrrrrrrk!” in Secret Six.

Gail Simone has mentioned that King Shark sings his “I’m a Shark” tune the tune of the Map Music from Dora the Explorer.
Picture: Gail Simone, Jim Calafiore/DC Comics

The superhero style asks its readers for a certain quantity of suspension of perception, on the promise that the reader might be rewarded, with characters and storylines which might be solely potential due to their very own willingness to embrace the unbelievable. As genres go, will not be alone on this.

However King Shark takes that cut price to its most escapist excessive. In any case, even Road Sharks, a cartoon primarily based on a toy line about 4 anthropomorphic shark males named Jab, Streex, Ripster and — I can’t stress this sufficient — Slammu, got here up with a backstory for its characters. King Shark has appeared a number of instances since his introduction, in Secret Six, in Suicide Squad and even in a short stint as Aquaman’s sidekick. However he’s by no means been given a backstory that caught.

As a result of in the event you’re an individual who’s thinking about placing an enormous, dumb shark man in your story as a recurring character, you already perceive that there’s no solution to make that concept cooler by arising with a proof for him. An enormous, dumb shark man is already inexplicable.

“Embrace this shark man,” the story says. “He won’t ever transfer you to tears, and the truth that he’s a shark won’t enter into some meta-narrative. However in the event you however embrace this shark man, I promise that we’ll have some enjoyable collectively.”

Reader, in the event you can imagine a person can fly, you’ll be able to imagine a person generally is a shark.

And King Shark is a shark.


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